As current maintainer of jabberd2 project I provide installation support, custom development
and adaptation to your needs. Just Drop me an e-mail.

jabberd2jabberd2 project is the next generation of the jabberd project.
It has been rewritten from the ground up to be scalable, architecturally sound
and to support the latest protocol extensions coming out of the XSF.


Chrome.pl is the central point of Xiaoka XMPP based activities;
a publicly available XMPP server with option for hosting custom XMPP domains.

Additional services include e-mail account with address same as JID, many maintained legacy IM transports, API and more.

Contact me if you need hosting for your XMPP domain.
All Chrome services like e-mail accounts etc. are available for hosted domains too.

ChatBrowser-based XMPP Chat

Modern social website users demand high interactivity. They want to instantly contact their online buddies.
Browser-based chat is the preffered way to achive it.

I have created a modular, fast and modern chat that may give users of any site a perfectly integrated way to interact.
If you want this on your site, don't hesitate to contact me.

Dynamically attachable Panel

WebChat Basic UI

Completely customizable with CSS

WebChat Dating UI